David currently releases music as Fluder, Acid Slag* and under his own name. Previous aliases dj Methodist˙ and Ministry of Defiance^ garnered airplay internationally and from BBC Radio 1, Radio 3 and 6music.

His electronic machines and soundtracks have been shown at a variety of theatre, performance and visual art events throughout the UK and Europe, with the sound sculpture Sonic Chair having been toured nationally and internationally.

Above 690′ private press exists to distribute David’s various works as of autumn 2017. His latest album Weather, Light & Ghoul was released on 4th December 2020.

* Acid Slag is part of an ongoing sonic trip into stripped down electronica, lush orchestrations and techno. From Laburnum To Swan Street came out in 2013 with The Stalk and Troops of Tomorrow singles in 2017. The Uplands album came out in September 2018.

 ˙ dj Methodist started life with the solo, techno tinged electronics of 2001’s Radio St.Dogmaels and 2003’s Trepan Yourself developing into a more pop-soaked, electropunk sound with featured vocalists and producers such as on 2005’s Digital, 2006’s Sirens, 2008’s Other Worlds and 2009’s The Right Stuff.

^ Ministry of Defiance’s works weaved field recordings, grainy analogue electronics and abstract vocals on 2002’s Listening To Learn, 2003’s Chapel Couture and 2005’s Principae MathematicaeThe soundtrack and film of Chapel Couture was presented live through the UK and at Netmage’06 in Italy.

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